Canopy at Cangrejal River
The mountains sorrounding La Ceiba are the perfect scenario for the practice of a sport that sets the visitor in direct contact with nature, in fact, from the top the trees and through the rivers, hundreds of meters pass by using a proffesionaly set net of cables, perfectly secured by experts with years in mountain sports who have designed this paths , one by one these cables offer breathtaking views of mountains and rivers, the visitor, safely secured to the cables by first class harnesses slides between the hundreds of years odl trees and in their natural habitat, takes glances of the many species that inhabit the area, an exotic bird here or a funny looking feline there, we don’t know what we will find in the next jump, but everything is exciting.

Every now and then a long pass in daring fall makes this experience an adrenalin maker, the wind and the leaves hit the face and the freshness of a natural breeze awakes us and alerts our body, which then, reacts with it’s most natural instincts, life pumps into the heart again a new energy invigorates us, it is time to go back, but the perspective has obviously changed.

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